As part of the Class 12’s P.E, the children have been having gymnastics sessions with professional coaches. The children are really enjoying the sessions and have begun to prepare for a competition. This week the children have been practising their stretches and working on their flexibility.

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Remembrance Sunday.

On Friday 10th November Year 5 participated in an assembly for Remembrance Day. We read out a poem called Why Wear a Poppy? by Don Crawford and sang a song called We Shall Remember. The children were all very respectful and thoughtful about the topic and were able to see how lives are affected by war, violence and discrimination. It was a great opportunity to remind the children to be kind, be tolerant and remember.

They also created a lovely display to commemorate those who’s lives have been affected by war.

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Imperial War Museum

On Monday 6th November, the Year 5 pupils went on a trip to the Imperial War Museum. The trip linked very closely to our current World War 2 topic. The children had a brilliant time looking at artefacts and hearing witness accounts. The hands on experience helped for the children to see what life was like for those who were alive during the war.

We throughly enjoyed encrypting and decrypting secret messages using codes that were used in World War 2.

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Mindful Monday.

On Monday 16th October, Class 12 were very lucky to be selected to take part in mindful meditation. The children enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and left the session feeling calm and relaxed. We are looking forward to trying this again soon.

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At the end of the Autumn half term, many children in Class 12 attended a KS2 disco. The children put lots of effort into their outfits and everyone looked fantastic. The children all had a wonderful time dancing to their favourite songs.

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Visit to Fairway Primary School

The children enjoyed a wonderful day in the Forest School at Fairway Primary School on Wednesday. They thoroughly explored the forest, took part in problem-solving activities, played hide and seek, rolling races, made grass people and learned what dock leaves were for!

Lunchtime was spent picnicking on the field whilst watching Fairway’s fabulous cheerleading team.

The afternoon was rounded off with ice lollies before reflecting on the many successes of the day.

We are now looking forward to hosting Fairway’s visit to Gorse Hill on Wednesday 28th June where we will enjoy Zumba, Art in the style of Frances Lennon and P4C.

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Robinwood Day 2

Amazing second day – Zombie Apocalyse in the caves, trapeze; poteentially the most challenging activity at Robinwood; Canoeing on the lake with footballs; Challenge courses to prepare for the life of a knight and a surprise visitor!

All children are now exhausted and tucked in bed…. yet more to do tomorrow.


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Robinwood Day 1


What an exhausting first day starting with the hike up to the castle on the hill and ending with a team challenge….but what a lot in between!

From rocket building to zipwire; climbing to quest;archery to crate challenge; the children have certainly been kept busy on the first day of our adventure.

Bravery and perseverance along with team building and increased confidence has meant all children have had an amazing first day and are now drifting off into a welcomed sleep, ready for an early start and more adventures tomorrow…

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Junior Star Gazing Programme

The children are over half way through their science topic about the Earth and space. They have researched lots of fascinating facts about the planets in the Solar System and are able to name the planets in the correct order, explain their orbits and have a secure understanding about planet sizes and their distances from the Sun.
They have also been learning about why we experience day and night as well as investigating how we know the Earth rotates on its axis. The children proved that the Earth spins by completing an investigation about shadows. They placed a stick in the playground and measured its shadow at different times of the day, taking note of the direction of the sun and shadows.
The investigation was going great until the British weather intervened. Although the day had started clear with bright sunshine, unfortunately it became cloudy after dinner time and the shadows were difficult to see. However, Class 12 are persistent and had a backup plan – a virtual investigation completed online. They found that the direction and length of the shadows changed throughout the day with the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.
The Earth was rotating! (It still is by the way)
This investigation led to questions about what would happen if the Earth didn’t rotate on its axis. If you would like to know more about this ask the children – I’m sure they will tell you all about it.
With all this new knowledge and understanding, the children have made their own programme about the Solar System called Junior Star Gazing. They had to research the information and  film and present the programme themselves. Things didn’t always go to plan. For instance, the filming about the distance of the planets from the Sun was very difficult . The ground was wet and it was windy so the toilet paper was tearing and blowing everywhere.
See if you can spot how we solved this issue in the video below.

WeAreSpacePresentersProgramme from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.

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Link School

Linking Schools Network

How are we the same? How are we different?

On Friday 20th January, with much excitement , we finally met our new friends from Fairway Primary School Offerton, Stockport. We had already communicated with them through the mutual exchange of information designed to show our identities and what we value.

There was a mixture of emotions, mostly anxiety and excitement, at the start of the day. These gradually changed once we had played ice-breaking games where we looked for visible and invisible similarities and differences. We found we had so much in common with each other, that our nerves disappeared and we began to relax, gain confidence and thoroughly enjoy learning together. We even had four pairs of children who shared the same name! Our reflections at the end of the day showed how our emotions had positively changed from the beginning of the day. One of the children even reported that he does not like meeting new people, but after today he said he now enjoys it and will look forward to it in future!

We took part in Street Dance, where we learned and performed a fabulous dance together brilliantly. After this, Silk Screen Printing enabled us to focus on the importance of friendship and we designed prints using words which reflected the significant aspects of friendship. The day was a huge success because everyone was open-minded, willing to interact and had genuine enthusiasm for the activities.

Our next stage in the journey will be to exchange more information about ourselves and in addition, what it is like where we live. This will be followed by visiting each other’s schools where we will participate in physical, creative and philosophical activities together. Exciting times ahead!

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